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SEO Analytics

      • Analyze Rankings

        Monitor keyword positions and compare them to your competitors.

      • Explore Backlinks

        Evaluate who links to your site and keep track of your link building efforts.

      • Optimize Website

        Detect website issues and get solutions to rank higher.

      • Generate Reports

        Create reports and share them with your team and clients.


      "If you compare the 1st half of 2015 to the 1st half of 2016, we've grown +65% in organic traffic, which resulted in a +300% number in customers coming from our SEO and content marketing efforts."

      Daily Keywords Data

      Get daily keyword positions so you can develop marketing strategies with real-time data.

      • Global Results

        Monitor keywords from over X search engines from around the world.

      • Tailor your content

        Discover which content ranks for specific keywords.

      • Bird’s-Eye View

        Group your keywords by categories to understand your website’s overall visibility.

      Seo rankings

      In-depth Backlink Analysis

      A thorough backlink profile powered by Majestic.

      • Ears Online

        Discover who links to your site and what they say about you.

        Seo ears online
      • Insightful Metrics

        Get valuable insights on the quality of your backlinks profile.

        Seo insightful metrics
      • Constant Awareness

        Quickly find any lost or broken links.

        Seo constant awareness

      Website Optimization

      Audit your website to find any errors that may prevent your site from being properly indexed.

      Seo website optimization
      • Review & Repair

        Check and correct your website’s main crawlability issues.

      • Error Free

        Add your own or a competitor’s URL to see where you can improve.

      Competitor Analysis

      A comprehensive overview of your competitors online efforts. Get side-by-side data to make informed decisions.


      "In less than a year, we have increased our organic traffic by 140% from Google alone. Positionly definitely helps us keep track of our keywords and empowers us to react with great speed." Jean-Luc Brisebois, Sharegate

      • Total Transparency

        See which keywords overlap with your competitors’.

      • Stay alert

        See their daily keyword rankings.

      • A step ahead

        Compare the SERP links of their higher-ranked keywords to improve your content strategy.

      Plans & Pricing

      Free 14-day trial. No credit card required.


      19/ month

      100 keywords

      • Unlimited domains
      • Unlimited campaigns
      • Unlimited engines
      Growing teams

      100/ month

      • Unlimited domains
      • Unlimited campaigns
      • Unlimited engines

      Fully customizable

      • Access to all features
      • Customer Success Manager
      All available features
      • Daily Keyword Rankings
      • Competitor Analysis
      • Local and Global Search Engines
      • Website Optimization
      • Backlinks
      • Manual and Automatic Reports
      Available additional features
      • Search Volume The average of how often a keyword is searched for on a monthly basis.

      • Traffic Estimations Along with the Search Volume, it will tell you which keywords could potentially bring you more traffic if you go up or down in the SERPs.

      • Trends Bucketed keyword positions for you against your competitors.